Sourcecast Live Episode – 28th February

On 28 February, beginning at 6:00 PM Central time (00:00 GMT), Sourcecast will begin a live streaming event! That’s right: Sourcecast will FINALLY have a Live Episode!


Skul will be hosting, and if you want to appear as a special guest (you don’t have to show your face), you need two things: 1) a working mic, and 2) a Google account (Gmail works). The stream will be hosted on Sourcecast’s YouTube page, and a link will be provided one hour before the stream begins. (I’ll be popping into all the active Shout Boxes at the time to share it, so don’t worry about refreshing this news page to see it.) If you want to bookmark the page, the stream will be here.


What is there to look forward to? On top of our regular content, Skul will also reveal the winner of our current site-wide Frozen contest! That’s right: you get to find out the winner a full DAY before anyone else! On top of that, there will be a 30-minute Q&A session with Skul and whatever guest hosts there happen to be.


Conay is the guy behind the scenes, at least for this site. He keeps everything going even when technology decides to be...tricky.