Sourcecast is Animation Source’s official podcast, designed specifically for all of Animation Source’s users to enjoy! It features many things going on in the community, highlights news from the fans and the animation industry as a whole globally, and chats with chosen guest speakers from or related to the community.


Sourcecast was originally Balto678’s idea, but was then expanded on by Lux the Guardian. In 2009, Aniu Caelestis decided to pick up the mantel. She joined up with Lux to create a short “pilot” episode to test how a typical Sourcecast episode would go. The pilot was hugely successful, and Rusty the Fox and Swords of the Wolves soon joined the show. Together, the partnership created three episodes before Lux had to resign from the show because of personal reasons.


After his resignation, Skulblaka_Shur’tugal joined the Sourcecasters as the shows editor. He, along with Rusty the Fox, began serving as a Lead Sourcecaster after the resignation of Aniu Caelestis and Swords of the Wolves. However, after just a few months; Rusty resigned. This resulted in Skul taking over as Chief Sourcecaster.


After becoming Chief Sourcecaster, Skul launched Sourcecast 2 with Ancient Fairy Dragon and Juuchan17 becoming the new Sourcecasters. The first episode of Sourcecast 2 was released on 1 May 2012.


Sourcecast focuses on several things, all of which are related in some way or another to animation. Whether it’s a review of the latest animated film, a preview of an upcoming film, or even discussing what goes on within Animation Source itself, Sourcecast is devoted to talking about animation in such a way that anybody can hear the podcast and enjoy it.