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Location Lincoln, USA
Age 20
First Joined 11 August 2008
Occupation Creator & Organiser, Animation Source Choice Awards; Director (2012-present), Animation Source Awards; Site Builder (2009-present), Animation Source; Chief Sourcecaster, Sourcecast.
Favourite Meal Mac and Cheese
Favourite Movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Favourite Songs There’s a Place for Us (Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader), Aim to Be a Pokémon Master (Pokémon) and Guide You Home (The Legend of Spyro).
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Samurott (formerly Skulblaka_Shur’tugal) first joined Animation Source in 2008 as a Balto Source fanfiction writer. Since then, he has branched off to not only doing fan images, but mod positions spread out over six different Sources as well. His love of Animation Source and his wanting to contribute in any way he can helped him become a member of Sourcecast. He stayed on the show until the original three Sourcecasters resigned, at which point he took over. He now is the lead Sourcecaster and helps organise the show


Samurott married his high school sweetheart on 16 June in Kansas, US and currently goes to Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska; where he is majoring in Journalism. He hopes his work on Animation Source and Sourcecast will help him with his career in the future. In addition to this, he is also writing a book that he hopes gets published within the year.