Location Virginia, USA
Age 26
First Joined 6 January 2005
Occupation Sourcecaster
Favourite Foods Macaroni & Cheese, Devil’s Food Cake, Sweet Potato fries, and either Hawaiian or Spinach and Mushroom pizza.
Favourite Movies Anything Disney
Favourite TV Shows The Amazing Race, Once Upon A Time, any magical girl anime series.
Favourite Music Eurobeat, trance and pop songs.
Links Animation Source Profile
Deviant ArtYoutube


Juuchan17 is one of the oldest members of Animation Source, first joining in early 2005 when it was more popularly known as just Balto Source. Early on, she was well-known for her detailed Balto fanfictions that ranged from dramatic to romantic to, at some points, downright controversial, and she still manages to enchant readers with new fanfictions every now and then today.


Juuchan also makes renders, draws fanart, and even writes informative articles about lesser-known topics all throughout the Animation Source fansites.  Her work has been considered as being high-quality by both members and moderators. At times, she has been working on images for a new Source site coming soon.


Whenever she’s not on the AS sites, she is a part-time college student, slowly working on earning a degree in the IT field, and is a substitute teacher. She also draws commissions on her DeviantArt and is attempting to start a custom-made charm shop on Etsy.


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