Sourcecast’s Next Episode: You Decide!

It has been too long since a new Sourcecast episode has been released – almost a full year, actually. But never fear, for a new Sourcecast episode is on the horizon! And now it’s YOUR chance to decide what comes next!


The typical Sourcecast format includes news on current and upcoming animated films, news regarding Animation Source, maybe an interview with an AS member, a Plugged-in Review of older films, a review of someone’s fan works on the sites, and reading the mailbag. In this next episode, Samurott be doing an episode solo, and he wants you to write to him, what you would like to see changed. Do you want something else put in, or something old taken out? It’s up to YOU to decide what the next Sourcecast episode will be about!


To contact Samurott, you can comment on this news article on Animation Source.


The episode is being recorded soon, so be quick!