Whenever dog yoga changed into dog copulation

Whenever dog yoga changed into dog copulation

Through the absurd towards the sublimely absurd, this unforgettable 2015 part saw Phillip and visitor co-host Christine Bleakley being granted a demonstration of “dog yoga”, or “doga” as annoying people call it, for which keen yogis can include their animals to the usual bending and extending.

U nfortunately, while the demonstration found a conclusion, one dog appeared to get a touch too frisky and took it upon himself to install another dog within the course. One among the miracles of real time tv.

Richard Blackwood’s live rectal exam

Of all indignities heaped on Richard Blackwood within the missing years between late-Nineties television stardom along with his EastEnders comeback, this grim minute in contemporary tv needs to rank down here because of the cheapest.

To be reasonable, Blackwood consented to the anal probing to highlight the reality that black colored men are 3 x almost certainly going to develop prostate cancer tumors than white men — but that headline can’t help but encourage a rub associated with the eyes and a 2nd look. Tragically, there are not any videos associated with the brief moment online.

“My haunted doll attacked my spouse”

Today is certainly a television form of those inexpensive publications complete of grinning ladies and stories of strange intercourse murders, but this July 2017 section ended up being especially ridiculous. Ruth and Eamonn had been tasked with talking to Debbie and Cameron Merrick, whom arrived to think their doll, purchased as a good investment in a shop that is antique could be haunted.

L ike the installment that is worst in Conjuring franchise history, Debbie explained that the doll’s necklace fell down on it’s own and scratched her husband’s feet. Continue Reading