Cupid Candies Closes Sunday After 64 Years On 95th Street

Cupid Candies Closes Sunday After 64 Years On 95th Street

The iconic Cupid Candies shop in Oak Lawn, a landmark on Chicago’s South Side, will shut after 64 wonderful years on Sunday, Sept. 27.

By Lorraine Swanson , Patch Staff

OAK LAWN, IL — Say it ain’t therefore! Cupid sweets will close after 64 years on 95th Street in Oak Lawn. Among the final associated with iconic candy that is old-line from the South Side, Cupid Candies, 4709 95th St., will shut its doors on Sunday.

Cupid Candies had been launched in 1936 because of the Paul that is late Stefanos. Their bro, Leo, would carry on to invent the Dove bar. The very first store had been at 79th Street and Ashland Avenue regarding the Southern Side, where just fudge, toffee and popcorn had been offered. By 1940, Paul along with his spouse, Pauline, started another shop at 3207 W. 63rd St., along side a tiny manufacturing facility, based on the business’s site.

The family proceeded to cultivate Cupid Candies, transferring 1943 to 3143 W. 63rd St. in Chicago.

The business expanded once again in 1956 by having a plant that is new 7637 S. Western Ave., where in fact the candy factory nevertheless runs today.

The family-owned and operated Cupid Candies produced quality brazilcupid chocolates, nuts, sweets and frozen dessert from its factory on Western Avenue in Gresham. The founder that is late son, John Stefanos, may be the business president.

Visiting the Oak Lawn shop on Thursday afternoon, the racks remained well stocked with the hand-dipped, classic candy lines, such as for instance Turks — sharp pecans and soft caramel clusters dipped in milk chocolate — so called as the title Turtles had been trademarked, and cream and butter fudge made daily. It had been barely the “everything must go” liquidation scavenging we have grown used to.

Each with its own distinctive swirl on the top under glass were rows of chocolate creams of all varieties, chewy centers, nut clusters and confections. Continue Reading

Exactly what your Intercourse desires actually state regarding the Love Life

Exactly what your Intercourse desires actually state regarding the Love Life

We’ve come a long distance since the times of Freud somehow linking each of our desires into the Oedipus complex. But regardless if a pipeline is simply a pipe, our desires nevertheless have actually lots to express about our intercourse life and relationships.

Kelly Sullivan Walden, composer of the brand new guide The Love, Sex and Relationship Dream Dictionary, informs us the definitions of a number of the quite typical things we dream of every evening, plus one thing is for particular — all ambitions result in sex. We’ve paraphrased and chosen several of our favorites for you personally below. Sweet fantasies, individuals.

MudIf you’re in some type of messy relationship, you may desire mud, because mud is messy. Similar to your relationship. Symbolically talking, you might like to wash that dust away by resolving the presssing problems in your love life, especially by focusing on your interaction abilities, since mud can symbolize a void for the reason that division.

MoneyHaving a shit-ton of cool, difficult money in to your fantasy means you’re feeling powerful and worthy of experiencing a love life that is amazing. Dreaming that you’re poor might suggest the precise contrary – that you are feeling useless, crappy, and never worthy of gf grandeur. Performs this mean cash equals love and pleasure? Possibly. Or possibly it is simply you’re and literal really bad.

SpankingA BDSM-style fantasy that involves being spanked can mean three things: you’ve done one thing bad and would like to be penalized, you wish to be dominated, or perhaps you the same as kinky S&M sex. If you’re the main one doing the spanking, it could be because bae did one thing you discovered unsavory, and you also wish to deal with. Or once more, perchance you the same as kinky S&M sex. Continue Reading