Sourcecast’s Next Episode: You Decide!

It has been too long since a new Sourcecast episode has been released – almost a full year, actually. But never fear, for a new Sourcecast episode is on the horizon! And now it’s YOUR chance to decide what comes next!


The typical Sourcecast format includes news on current and upcoming animated films, news regarding Animation Source, maybe an interview with an AS member, a Plugged-in Review of older films, a review of someone’s fan works on the sites, and reading the mailbag. In this next episode, Samurott be doing an episode solo, and he wants you to write to him, what you would like to see changed. Do you want something else put in, or something old taken out? It’s up to YOU to decide what the next Sourcecast episode will be about!


To contact Samurott, you can comment on this news article on Animation Source.


The episode is being recorded soon, so be quick!

Second ASCAs – Begin!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’ve made it through a year of apocolypses, zombies, and gigantic mailboxes, and now it’s time to usher in 2013. What better way to kick off a new year on Animation Source, than with the 2nd Annual Animation Source Choice Awards!


Last year’s ASCAs were a huge success. Over 150 people voted in the event! The largest winner was Rio, which took home 11 awards, including Best Picture. This year, we have quite the list of nominees eligible for each award; over 20 animated films were released in 2012!


This year, we’re doing thing a little different. Instead of all the votes being tallied by one person, I have asked for several people to help collect the votes. I will give you their names in a little bit, but first we need to go over the rules. (Which, be honest, should be the first thing people read no matter what the occasion.)

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Help Needed for the Second Animation Source Choice Awards

Hi, everyone. You may remember earlier this year, when the 1st Animation Source Choice Awards was held. Well, it’s time to start getting ready for the 2nd ASCA’s, and this year I’m looking for YOUR help!

The way the Animation Source Choice Awards works is like this. Each year, several animated movies are released in theaters around the world. I count them up, and decide which films are eligible for which categories in the awards; the categories are set up like the Academy Awards, so there are, for exmaple, Best Picture and Best Animation. (22 in total.)

For the first half of January, YOU, the members of Animation Source, will narrow the list down to the actual nominees, and during the last half of January, YOU will get to decide who the winners are in each category.

But I cannot run this alone. I did last year and, believe me, it was a LOT of work. So I’m asking for as much help as I can get. Currently, I am looking for people to help out with two positions: counting votes and making graphics. To help count votes, all you need to do is receive PMs from members as they tell you what nominees they are voting for. You tally up the votes and report to me after the end of each voting period. You will even be able to still vote on your own, but remember, NO cheating on counting up other people’s votes.

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