Sourcecast Welcomes a New Member to the Team

Sourcecast is proud to welcome Rainbowkat to the team as the Graphic Designer. She replaces MightyBalto1925, who served on staff for 2 years.

Rainbowkat is currently a moderator of Animation Source and is excited to begin work on Sourcecast. She has many ideas that she feels will draw more people to the podcast, and will be a featured guest in a future episode.

For more information, please check out her profile.


Welcome to the New Sourcecast Website

In April 2011, we launched the first Sourcecast website. This website had a very simple design that lacked the manoeuvrability and customisation that was required for a site like ours. Which is why, in August 2011, we began working on the official website for Sourcecast 2.0.


This site was totally custom-designed and has evolved dramatically from a backend standpoint, especially during the summer. Things like improved SEO, listener maps, mailing lists, modified designs and code snippet changes, adapted to make it easier for your browser.


We have, however, come to the conclusion that even this Sourcecast website is not fit for purpose. There were just too many difficulties in using the outdated, unsupported iWeb software. It also led to problems with creating a mobile website, as the software was just not designed for such a purpose.


So today, we are proud to unveil the new official website of Sourcecast 2.0.

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Sourcecast’s Follow-up Interview with Phil Weinstein

Sourcecast is pleased to announce that Skulblaka_Shur’tugal got to have a text interview with Phil Weinstein, director of the second and third Balto movies, after the audio interview was recorded. In this interview, Mr. Weinstein revealed a lot more information about the Balto films. This is certainly something you don’t want to miss.


Download the interview: PDF/TXT.


Sourcecast is the aptly named podcast designed specifically for all of Animation Source’s users to enjoy! It features many things going on in the community, highlights news from the fans and the animation industry, and chats with chosen guest speakers from or related to the community. In May 2012, Sourcecast 2.0 was launched; taking the show to a whole new level.