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In April 2011, we launched the first Sourcecast website. This website had a very simple design that lacked the manoeuvrability and customisation that was required for a site like ours. Which is why, in August 2011, we began working on the official website for Sourcecast 2.0.


This site was totally custom-designed and has evolved dramatically from a backend standpoint, especially during the summer. Things like improved SEO, listener maps, mailing lists, modified designs and code snippet changes, adapted to make it easier for your browser.


We have, however, come to the conclusion that even this Sourcecast website is not fit for purpose. There were just too many difficulties in using the outdated, unsupported iWeb software. It also led to problems with creating a mobile website, as the software was just not designed for such a purpose.


So today, we are proud to unveil the new official website of Sourcecast 2.0.

So what’s different?



Mobile phone usage is becoming ever-more important when using the internet today, and the number of people using smartphones and tablets is only going to increase. We needed a website that could deliver on both performance and usability. Which is why we’ve chosen to host our website with WordPress, using a theme by WPlook.


On the old Sourcecast website, there were many images that had to load, and when you are on a 3G or EDGE connection, it can get very tedious waiting for the pages to load. It also prevented you from accessing the main website, something we don’t want to happen in the future.


With the new website, the site dynamically responds to the screen size, adjusting the website to suit your browser’s needs. It’s fantastic. And the website works just as well for mobile users as it does for desktop users.



Navigation is an important part of any website. Previously, we had seven options at the top of the website. The things we thought were most important. We also had an additional box at the bottom of the page, giving you access to most of the pages on our website.


With the new site, these links are now positioned on the left side of the screen. The menu includes both web pages from this site, and external links to Animation Source, iTunes and the old website. The website also offers a much better and more integrated way to search the site.


In addition to this, we are making it even easier to find episodes, interviews and news items. Below the mailing list subscription, you have a list of recent posts, the archives and categories. Use these menus to find exactly what you want from Sourcecast 2.0


New thinking

The new website is completely different to the old, in that all news, episodes, interviews, etc. Are all posted on the same page, the home page. There are no more ‘episode’ and ‘blog’ pages, just one simplified experience.


We have also changed the way you subscribe to the mailing list. Before you had to go onto this page, add your email address and set a password, which confused a lot of people. Now, all you have to do is go to the left menu and write in your email address. Then, just click ‘Subscribe’.


Another great new feature is the comments box. It’s built into Facebook so all you need to do is make sure you’re logged in and you will be able to comment on any post or page on our website.


Everything you love is already here

One of our more popular pages is the downloads page, we have kept the downloads page the same for our new website. Just click on an image and it will automatically pop up with that image. You can then download the image in a higher resolution.


With the contact page, we are now offering you a simplified version of the Mailbag form. Just fill it out, answer the question at the bottom and press submit. To contact the site admin, just click the link and use the EmailMeForm and submit whatever you have to say.


We also have all the other features we know you love. Like the Listener Map, the FAQ page and profile pages for every Sourcecaster.



Finally, we come to HTML5. This website, unlike the last, has truly been designed to work with HTML5 and CSS3. Everything from the design to the audio boxes. This is what makes our website so great, as it utilises the latest technology can offer.


Unfortunately, this does mean that if you are using an older version of your web browser, you may not be able to access the site in its full glory. Please upgrade to at least IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome 6 and Safari 5, or make sure you are running the latest software on your smartphone or tablet.


The new Sourcecast website is truly amazing, and we hope you love it as much as we do.


Sourcecast is the aptly named podcast designed specifically for all of Animation Source’s users to enjoy! It features many things going on in the community, highlights news from the fans and the animation industry, and chats with chosen guest speakers from or related to the community. In May 2012, Sourcecast 2.0 was launched; taking the show to a whole new level.


Conay is the guy behind the scenes, at least for this site. He keeps everything going even when technology decides to be...tricky.

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